Linux Beginners SIG, March 2013, SMB… aka Samba

March 12, 2013
6:00 pmto9:00 pm



This month I’m finally going to demonstrate setting up Samba to share directories in both directions between Windows and Linux. For example, right now my Linux home directory is available as the Z: drive on Windows, while my my Windows home folder, C:\users\dierdorf, is mounted on Linux as /win. In both cases, the data is available read/write.

Performing this feat involves navigating a disgusting maze of permissions, shares, etc. on both platforms. I obviously have done it once, and I THINK I CAN get it into a presentation so you can do it, too.

Note that although Microsoft has changed the name of their folder-sharing service from SMB to CIFS, the Linux program that emulates it so that Windows fondly believes it is connecting to another Winbox, is still called Samba. There doesn’t seem to be an English word that maps to “CIFS” very well.

To appreciate my feat, note the output of a df command on my desktop Linux box:

Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sdb1             ext4      886G  238G  604G  29%  /
/dev/sda1             ext4      788G  549G  200G  74%  /extra
/dev/sda2             ext4      130G  1.3G  122G   1%  /other
/dev/sdc1             ext4      453G  210G  221G  49%  /spare1
/dev/sdc2             ext4      465G  207G  234G  47%  /images
dell:/home/dierdorf   nfs        79G   18G   58G  24%  /dell
sony:/home/dierdorf   nfs        97G   25G   67G  28%  /sony
photo:/users/dierdorf cifs      223G   68G  155G  31%  /win


That’s eight different mountpoints on six different hard drives on four different computers!

Anyway, show up and prepare to be amazed.


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