Linux Beginners SIG, December 2013, Cinnamon / Kubuntu

December 10, 2013
6:00 pmto9:00 pm



One of the virtues of open source (and Linux in particular) is the ability to mix-and-match elements you like to create a desktop environment you are comfortable with.  You’ve seen me using KDE with some elements borrowed from Gnome before, for instance.  This month I’m going to show a more complete borrowing — adding the Cinnamon desktop (developed by Mint Linux) to Kubuntu so I have an alternate desktop at boot time without bothering to figure out how to use the detested (by me) Ubuntu standard Unity desktop.  Unity is a variation of Gnome 3, which NOBODY seems to like.  Cinnamon started as a fork of Gnome 3, but Cinnamon Version 2 is now completely separated from Gnome code, and it has a look and feel that many people seem to like better.   Come and see if you like it.

When I say COME AND SEE, I mean it.  The past two or three months I’ve had anywhere from ONE to THREE attendees, and to be honest, it’s difficult for me to justify the labor I put into preparing each meeting if there’s no more interest than currently seems to exist. I’ll give you people December and January, but if interest doesn’t pick up then I’ll assume the SIG has gone the way of many others that petered out, and shut it down unless someone else wants to pick it up and run it.

See you Tuesday.


See the Linux Beginners SIG page for location, contacts, etc

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