Linux Beginners, November 2012, Ubuntu 12.10, aka Quantal

November 13, 2012
6:00 pmto9:00 pm



The main topic this month, of course, will be Ubuntu 12.10, aka Quantal, released a month ago. I’ve been running the Kubuntu flavor since it was released and it has been quite stable. In fact, this version might have set a record for fewest package updates since release day. I still don’t have much good to say about the Gnome3/Unity based Ubuntu variant, but I suppose some people want their 24″ displays to look just like their telephones. (Linus Torvalds himself isn’t one of them; he really savaged Ubuntu in a web post a few weeks ago and said he was moving to Kubuntu. It didn’t help when one of the major Gnome developers posted that “We don’t listen to user complaints or suggestions. They don’t know what they are talking about.” What’s the next step beyond arrogance?)

I have disks of six different flavors ready to hand out:

Kubuntu 32 and 64-bit DVD.
Ubuntu 32 and 64-bit DVD.
Lubuntu 32 and 64-bit CD.

Lubuntu? That’s Canonical’s brand-new “Lightweight Ubuntu”, using the LXDE shell. It takes about half the resources (RAM and CPU) of even Xubuntu, let alone the Gnome or KDE versions, runs everything the big versions do but without the eye candy, and is very well suited for older machines and/or Netbooks. (The minimum usable machine is a Pentium Pro with 128MB of memory, believe it or not, so it’s certainly possible to put an old clunker to use as a file server or something.) I’ll have it dual-booted on my older laptop so we can have a look.

Note that, as I mentioned before, Ubuntu and Kubuntu have given up trying to keep the distribution down to to 700MB and are now DVD-only.

See you Tuesday.


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