Internet SIG, Oct/Nov 2017, Watching and Showing

November 4, 2017
10:15 amto12:15 pm



Note the date change due to the room being used for early voting.
The Internet made sharing things – digital things, at least – possible around the world and en masse or at a personal level.

Periscope is one way to broadcast yourself and/or watch others. These can be done easily from smartphones and can show live action such as conferences or outdoor sports or down to the level of a personal conversation, and either may use text chat feedback. I’ve been using it to watch for several months now and am curious to see if it could be used to broadcast our meetings. So let’s try it out. Hopefully the wifi there can support it but if not, we can arrange to test it later.

I’ve mentioned that YouTube TV is one intruiging option for cord-cutting. But as with everthing, there are pluses and minuses. So I’m taking them up on their free trial and will share what it’s like.

And of course, we’ll talk about some of the latest happenings elsewhere in the clouds.

Click here for the Internet SIG page. It includes information on the location, contacts, etc, for the meeting and the breakfast pre-meeting.

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