Internet SIG, September 2018, The PWAs are Coming… Finally!

September 22, 2018
10:15 amto12:15 pm



No, I don’t mean Pirates With Attitude (even though that is in this list!); I’m referring to Progressive Web Apps! What are those, you ask. Imagine mobile apps that don’t take up space, don’t need to be updated, and run the same on iPhones, Android phones, and the web. These were “invented” some time ago, but are finally getting traction. We’ll look at a number of them and a few directories of them.

One slowpoke to get on this train is Facebook, so I have an Android app to show that overcomes a lot of their frustrating ways of doing things.

Do you ever wish you could be 2 people…. at least on the web? I do often and recently found an extension that makes it easy.

All this, the news, funnies, and more…


Click here for the Internet SIG page. It includes information on the location, contacts, etc, for the meeting and the breakfast pre-meeting.

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