Internet SIG, March 2017, The Ghost of Geocities!

March 25, 2017
10:15 amto12:15 pm



Remember Geocities? Heck, even I barely do now, but… it’s claim was to let you build a web site for free.  It’s long gone now, but can a free web still be had? There are limitations, but yes!

Do you get frustrated with trying to type squiggly letters and numbers? Leading the news segment is the improvements to the hated CAPTCHA. It’s much easier now and will become much more so in the near future!

And… your biggest privacy concern is as plain as the nose on your face!

And we’ll try to squeeze in some Q&A to boot.


Click here for the Internet SIG page. It includes information on the location, contacts, etc, for the meeting and the breakfast pre-meeting.

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