Internet SIG, February 2018, Halt. Who Goes There?

February 24, 2018
10:15 amto12:15 pm



First, please note the changed locations below for the meeting and breakfast… for this month only.  I changed the Yahoo calendar too, but it has a nasty habit of not handling changes well, so if tomorrow’s message disagrees with this, please ignore it!

We’re going to review old war movies, but we will take another look at the 2 most important ways to stay safe online.  Strong passwords are the first step, but are both a challenge and not sufficient by themselves.  So we will look again at managing passwords and two factor authentication.

I also had a question recently about podcasts, so we’ll brush up on them as well.

And there is plenty of news lately and some tips, so there will be plenty to discuss.  So “c,mon down”!

Sat, Feb 24, 10:15-12:15
North Village Library
2505 Steck Ave
Austin, TX 78757 (map)

P.S. The early birds will meet for lunch about 9:00am at:
Waterloo Ice House
8600 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78757 (map)

Click here for the Internet SIG page. It includes information on the location, contacts, etc, for the meeting and the breakfast pre-meeting.

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