Grab Bag SIG, December 2012, Lose weight; Password mgr; Traffic; DVDs; Browser; Games

December 19, 2012
6:30 pmto8:30 pm




o Gain weight over the holidays?
A clever program to get you back on track and in shape.

o Traffic problems
Let a smart phone app show you the way around the delays.

o What to do when your computer will not play DVD videos.
A free program that will solve 90% of your problems.

o A web browser that may be better than Google.
You will want to try this one. Impressive.

o Are your passwords still not organized?
A simple and easy solution to organize and secure your passwords.

o Some free online games for the kids.
Nifty stocking stuffers

o Mints on the Pillow


See the Grab Bag SIG page for location, contacts, more.

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