Beginners’ SIG, July 13, 2019

July 13, 2019
10:00 amto12:00 pm



Back Up Your Computer:  Sometimes the unthinkable happens: Your computer fails and your programs and data are lost. The cause might be a computer virus, crypto locker, hacker, theft, hardware failure, lightning or operator error. Hardware is replaceable and programs can be reinstalled but your precious photos, videos, music, financial records, emails and other important documents may be lost forever–unless you took precautions to back them up beforehand. Some people haven’t backed up because they haven’t thought about it much, don’t know how or they think it’s too much hassle. But it’s actually fast, easy and crucial. Doing frequent backups rewards you with data security, self-confidence and worry-free computing. Come to this meeting and get a safety net for your computer and your valuable data.



See the Beginners SIG page for location, contacts, etc.

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