Beginners’ SIG, August 8, 2020

August 8, 2020
10:00 amto12:00 pm



Beginners SIG Members,

The covid epidemic has shut down the libraries and jumbled my planned topic schedule. See  Some of these topics are amenable to covering in a Zoom teleconference meeting and others are better covered at an in-person meeting at the library. Zoom-friendly topics include Android Smart Phones and Quick file/folder backup to thumb drives. Non-Zoom-friendly topics include Printers & Scanners, Digital Photography and Backup & Restore with Macrium Reflect. Likewise topics requiring a guest speaker like PC Alternatives, Ebay & Craig’s List and VPNs & Hot Spots. So, the upcoming line-up will be determined by 1. when the Old Quarry Library reopens and 2. whether & when BSIG attendees choose to quit Zoom and go back to the library. If the library reopens by Aug 8th, I will poll everybody on the BSIG email list a few days beforehand to tally up preferences for either of two possibilities: 1. Android Smart Phone Basics — via Zoom meeting or 2. Using Printers and Scanners — at the library. Stay tuned. Kelly


See the Beginners SIG page for location, contacts, etc.

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